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Learn hiragana and katakana with 5 free apps

Many absolute beginners of learning Japanese start learning the language from romaji, japanese words written in alphabet. But if you ever want to stand...

Keep track of your Wanikani progress with smart 3rd party app

If you are using Wanikani for your kanji studies you know that Wanikani provides some stats for you. For example your current progress and...
Japanese dictionary

Guide: The best Japanese dictionary and translation apps

Translating Japanese is hard but with a good Japanese dictionary you will get far. English to Japanese translation is difficult even for the best...


Study for JLPT

Q&A: Here’s what you need to know about the JLPT

What is the JLPT? The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, JLPT, is a test that is exactly what it sounds like - an official way of...