Q&A: Here’s what you need to know about the JLPT

What is the JLPT?

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, JLPT, is a test that is exactly what it sounds like – an official way of measuring how good you understand japanese. It does however not measure in any way how good you are at accually speaking the language. The test consists of reading, vocabulary and grammar and listening. You also need to know an increasing amount of kanji for every level you go up.

What levels of language proficiency are there?

There are five levels of language proficiency. JLPT N5 is the lowest level and N1 is the most advanced. If you are uncertain of your level you can try some test questions on the official test site.

Where and when can I take the test?

You don’t have to be in Japan to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. In many countries, but far from all, you can also do the JLPT. In Japan you can take the test twice a year, july and december. In other countries this may vary. Some let you do it twice, others only once a year. See a complete list of test sites and schedule here.

How do I register for the JLPT test?

To register you need to create an MyJLPT ID. To do this you have to make an application at the JEES (Japan Educational Exchanges and Services) website. Just go here and choose “individuals”. Follow the steps.

Once you have created an ID you can apply for the test. Choose a time that is available depending on which country you are planning to take the JLPT test in – july or december.

If you are studying japanese at a school or university they usually do it for you do it for you.

How much does the JLPT cost?

About $40-$50 per try, depending on your level.

What level of JLPT is required for working in Japan?

The level of proficiency you need to aply for a job in Japan is ofcourse depending on what work you are looking for. But generally speaking, when a workplace require an official JLPT score for even considering you for an interview, it is at least JLPT N2. Since the test doesn’t show how good you are at accually speaking japanese you will still need to prove this in an interview even if you passed JLPT N1.

I took the JLPT – when do I get the results/score?

If you registered by yourself it usually takes only one month from the test until the score is announced. To see your score log in with your MyJLPT ID on the JEES site. First go here and choose the country in which you took the test.

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